“100% natural”, “space” and “paradise”: these are the words holidaymakers here use to describe our region. In Doué-en-Anjou, you are completely free to take your time and recharge your batteries so you can start off the new year on the right foot.
Doué-la-Fontaine, an underground town steeped in history

The town of Doué-la-Fontaine is particularly rich in cave dwellings and is well worth a few days’ stop to immerse yourself in this mysterious troglodyte atmosphere and learn why these cavities – which are still occupied today – were first created. Here, people live, work and eat underground. And what an underground world it is! At Le Mystère des Faluns, the caves are as high as a four-storey building. This site contains a whole series of galleries, each one more impressive than the last, that tells visitors the tale of this rock which is so unique to our region. An odyssey to enjoy with your family, as you wander through a world of sound and light, discovering how the rock was formed.

Tours given each week in summer for campers

Personalized tours are offered every summer to holidaymakers staying at any of the campgrounds in Doué-en-Anjou to give them the chance to explore the caves of Doué-la-Fontaine in a most unique way, at nightfall, including Le Mystère des Faluns.
The night-time atmosphere further heightens the mystery of the underground world.

The region offers many other underground tourist attractions like the troglodyte village of Rochemenier, the cave dwellings in Forges, the sculpture cave in Dénezé-sous-Doué and La Sablière and Troglodytes et Sarcophages in Doué-la-Fontaine.







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